Diesel Mesh Trucker Hat – 4 left overs – IN STOCK NOW



Awesome black mesh trucker hat with the iconic logo of Big Daddy Cool screen printed on the front

Remember when Diesel beat Bob Backlund’s ass in like 8 seconds at MSG for his first title….

Well, now you can re-create that ! When you put on this hat, you’ll be runnin’ on Diesel Power and have the ability to jackknife power bomb anyone in your way!*

*Please don’t power bomb anybody, we are not responsible for any injuries that you or your ” opponent” receive

For all the people out there who ordered a ZST Diesel pin, how sick is that going to look on the hat with this !?

One size fits all


this is a PRE-ORDER item, it is made to order along with the other shirts we have for sale, item will ship in approx. 3 weeks

* once the pre-order closes, we doubt anymore will be offered for sale

Art by Briweezy

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4 in stock

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