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Killer Tomatoes

So……last week Zombie Sailor’s Instagram page ( @ZombieSailorsToys ) was hacked by actual real life Killer Tomatoes….


Then to top it off, the same Tomatoes tied me up, and held me captive in my storage locker because they didn’t want me selling all of this case fresh goodness…..luckily my Wife rescued me ( Please see the video on our Instagram page )

Needless to say, Zombie Sailor is OK….and these Killer Tomatoes are for sale NOW

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Website launch and a few notes

Who would have ever thought that selling a few extra action figures on Instagram would transition into a full time business ?

These past 2 years have been incredible, and certainly life changing.

I am not Doogie Howser, M.D. , Zombie Sailor will not type nightly into his computer diary about the days events ( let’s face it, whats so exciting about reading how I ate an entire pizza and complained of chest pains ) so I won’t bore the 8 of you taking the time to check this blog out. I’ll make this short and sweet ( like my stamina ).

You see, Action figures from the late 80’s to early 90’s are my favorite thing, in fact, I appreciate them so much I made it my mission to find them in the absolute cleanest shape possible, in uncirculated condition…in massive quantities to pass on to fellow collectors….something that many, myself included, thought was impossible and I was searching for something that didn’t exist…..

After doing a heavy amount of research about who had what, when and where, I was able to track down old warehouses and collectors who had these vintage treasure chests full of pure plastic gold.

It was definitely an Indiana Jones type of adventure scouring the country the last year finding these factory sealed cases. There were no giant rolling rocks, voo doo priests, or whips…..actually, there was a whip or 2 involved.

The feeling I get finding old sealed cases of toys, some 30 + years old, is a feeling that I won’t trade for the world. It’s such a rush going to a warehouse, opening up a door and seeing boxes upon boxes just sitting somewhere untouched, basically lost in time… taking on new life in the present, for all the adults who had them during their childhood…or wanted them during that much better….much simpler time.

Thank you to everyone who follows me on Instagram, to anyone who has ever made a purchase, whoever liked a photo, left a comment, referred a friend and whoever took the time out of their busy day to come say ” whats up ” at a convention….it sincerely means alot and without you I wouldn’t be able to do this. It’s awesome knowing that there are genuine people out there who share the love of this unique hobby, and I feel it everyday.

Please help spread the word of, Soon we will be able to offer BRAND NEW items from Neca, Funko, Mezco, DC direct, Mattel and more.

We will STILL sell on Instagram, and we are working on 2 MASSIVE sealed case lots…..all we can say is…..Cowabunga ; )

In the meantime, Keep the past alive !

–   Z.S.